Live Event Videos

Kouropoulos Media Group is happy to offer multi-camera live event coverage. With our mobile production trailer KMG is able to go onto location and quickly setup multi-camera, live video switching capable of live streaming to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch as well as recording the event digitally for post production work and future online viewing.  Our production trailer is capable of filming graduations, awards ceremonies, lectures, concerts, and sports games in HD or even 4K.

Mobile Production Trailer

KMG’s Mobile Production Trailer is an all in one for professional multi-camera live streaming coverage. The Production Trailer includes five workstations that includes an audio room, playback/recording, webcasting/post-production, video switching, and a Director’s station.

With five camera/video source inputs, one program out and six XLR audio connections available KMG’s Production Trailer is perfect for any type of live event or even on location shooting as a base camp or video village for films or commercials.