As French and Canadian forces threatened British expansion in America, the British would order William Johnson to form an army. As they marched to eradicate the French garrison at Crown Point, they would engage the French forces at the Battle of Lake George.


In the early days of the Seven Years War or French and Indian War, as it is called in the United States, British colonial forces were experiencing setback after setback. 

After the massive failure of Braddock’s expedition in 1755  which dealt a devastating blow to the British morale in North America. Command of all British forces would unknowingly fall to General William Shirley and the remaining expeditions against the French planned in North America would become his responsibility. One of those expeditions, The Crown Point Expedition, would become the largest battle yet seen on the North American Continent.  

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Tech Specs

Running Time:                                       30 minutes                              

Aspect Ratio:                                          16:9                                       

 Format:                                                   Digital

Director, Andrew Kouropoulos

Andrew attended film school at Full Sail University. After graduating he would work on several independent films and web series as a script supervisor before moving back to New Hampshire. There he would find himself working in a technical role in the manufacturing of broadcast television equipment. Eventually he would move on to become the Assistant Station Director of a local television station. While scheduling broadcasts and local productions Andrew would take the time to learn animation. While working with the local Historical Society on a documentary his love of early American history would be rekindled. Andrew would choose an era that he was never fully taught in school and so he started on the animated documentary on “The Battle of Lake George”.

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